225 Golf street, Cowansville

Discover Curling

Welcome to the Cowansville Curling Club. Here are some basic rules to help you discover this sport as well as free events to introduce you to the sport. 

Try Curling for Free

The club sometime organize 'portes ouvertes' events so you can try curling for free on your own or with your family. If we do organize these this year, we will update this section accordingly.


Curling - The Basics

  • Two teams of four players play against each other on ice
  • A game usually consists of eight or ten ends
  • A game generally lasts between 120 and 150 minutes

The purpose of the game is to score points by getting stones closer to the house center, or the “button”, than the other team’s stones. Players from either team alternate in taking shots from the far side of the sheet, each player throws two stones per end. An end is complete when all eight rocks from each team have been delivered, a total of sixteen stones. Once a stone has been thrown, teammates may sweep in front of the stone to influence the trajectory or to increase the total distance traveled by the stone. 

After each end, the team with the closest stone to the button scores. One point is awarded for each stone lying closer to the button than the opponent’s stones. Only one team can score per end. The play continues for either 8 or 10 ends (predetermined), and the team with the most points after all ends have been played wins.

How to Play Curling

In this video you will find useful concepts for learning to play:

  • How to move on the ice safely
  • Find the right balance
  • Add rhythm to the pitch
  • Grab and release the stone
  • Sweep
  • Warm up with progressive slides